here at Aquatic Pet and Reptile Center we have a wide variety of vivariums they come in both beach and black wood color, there are different sizes available which are from 86cmx49cmx43cm to 115cmx60cmx43cm

we also do a half size vivarium which has two glass viewing points one on the top and one on the front allowing you to see your reptile from different points of view, it also has a single access point which can be clamped down to the vivarium body, preventing your reptile from being able to escape, on the back of the vivarium there is a slot for a heat mat to go into allowing your reptile to have the heat that it requires.

we are able to prepare a fully set up vivarium for you so that you are able to take it home and plug it in.

if we do not have the vivarium that you are looking for then always give us a call or pop in and tell us, as we can order it in for you.