Here at APR we sell and buy Puppies and Kittens. In order to do so there are strict regulations that we as a shop must abide by when buying or selling any puppy or kitten.


When buying a puppy from us, he/she will be a minimum of 8 weeks with their first vaccination done, full vet check, and a full course of flea and worming treatments will be completed. Should the pup still be with us at the age of 12 weeks old, a second vaccination will be given. Under the new laws, every puppy will be micro-chipped. All necessary paperwork will be supplied when a purchase is made.

When selling a puppy to us, the litter or pup must be a minimum of 8 weeks old and for the weight to be acceptable for the size of the pup. The puppies must be fully weaned and eating independently. We will ask for the details of both parents, and about the owners that have them.

Puppy Lay-By

We offer a 50% deposit scheme of the overall price of the puppy to be laid, and the puppy will be able to leave the premises upon the arrangement that full payment will be made by the agreed dates. For this scheme we are asking for 3 forms of ID

  • Council Tax Bill
  • A household bill within three months of the current date
  • Driving License or Passport

The outstanding balance we expect to be paid at weekly intervals, typically of £50.00 a week.

It must be understood that the puppy will remain the property of Aquatic, Pet & Reptile Center until the last payment is made. We will unfortunately repossess the puppy if the full payment is not met and no attempt of communication has been made.


When buying a kitten from us, he/she will be a minimum of 8 weeks old, and at this point have a full flea and worming treatments completed. At the age of 9 weeks the kittens will have their first vaccination done and should they be with us at the age of 12 weeks, they will have the second vaccination done.

When selling a kitten to us, the litter or kitten must be a minimum of 8 weeks old, and weighing a minimum of 750g as the ideal vaccination weight is 800g+ which the kittens would have reached within a week. The kittens eyes must be turning from blue to green, not solid blue.

Additional Info