Amphibians & Arachnids


In store there is an ever growing selection of amphibians, new and old. In store all our arboreal tree frogs are kept in fully bio-active environments, alongside a variety of terrestrial toads and frogs. All the equipment that is needed to construct a basic set-up to a fully *bio-active set-up is available on site.

The critters that are in store are as follows;

Frogs & Toads

Green Tree Frogs
White Lip Tree Frogs
White Tree Frogs
Red-Eye Tree Frogs
Golden Tree Frogs
Grey Tree Frogs
File-Eared Frogs
Golden Bell Frogs
Milk Frogs
Chubby Frog
Fire Bellied Toad

Salamanders, Axolotles & Newts

Fire Salamander
Hybrid Fire Salamander
Tiger Salamander

Lusistic Axolotles
Golden Lusistic Axolotles
Wild Type Axolotles

Sharp Ribbed Newts
Paddle Tail Newts
Fire Bellied Newts