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Who we are


Nestled in the lower end of Maldon High Street a new business has opened bursting with animal life. The Aquatic Pet & Reptile Centre houses over 50 tropical fish tanks, with fish from Sri Lanka, Singapore, Columbia, Indonesia and Miami to name but a few and will stock in excess of 150 varieties of fish eventually.


Wide Variety

It has a wide selection of Reptiles and Amphibians all with a bio life natural environment, fully planted to mimic their natural surroundings as closely as possible. Panther Chameleons, Leopard Gecko’s, Crested geckos, Bearded Dragons, Water Dragons, a variety of Royal Pythons, Corn snakes and Boa Constrictors can be found there together with tropical frogs, salamanders, toads, mexican walking fish ( Axolotle’s ) spiders and scorpions. All livestock is British bred no imports. The domestic pet section offers Hamsters, Gerbils, Guinea pigs, Rabbits a variety of birds, Kittens and the occasional Puppy.


Customer Service

The business is new but very comprehensive with experienced staff happy to help and stocks all equipment needed to house it’s many pets when they leave for their new homes.
The business holds a Pet Licence Certificate and has been thoroughly inspected by the appropriate authorities to ensure that all animal needs are fully met and all environments are naturally enriched and correct for the animals housed.

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